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I started Riggs Technical Services in 1994 as a network consulting business.
I worked mainly on Novell networks, with a few Lantastic networks to support.
That was then. I now spend 75% of my time supporting Netware 4.2/5.1 networks,
with the rest of my time spent on Windows NT 4/2000 networks. I am starting to
spend more time with Linux, I now have Redhat 8.0 installed at work and at home.

Certifications    My Job    Links    My Life

Certifications can be an indication of the depth of knowledge a person has on a particular subject,
or after a brief time you will decide the person's skill level must be restricted to paper. I know of
techs who are not certified, but have a great deal of knowledge in their field. While some MSCE's
 have a problem
with low level formatting a hard drive. Enough said, just for the record here are mine.

 Certified Directory Engineer   Oct. 2001
 Certified Intranet Webmaster
 Dec. 2000
 Certified Netware Engineer - Netware 5
 July 2000
 IBM Netfinity - Professional Server Specialist
 Aug. 1998
 Master Certified Netware Engineer  
 Oct. 1997
 Certified Netware Engineer - Netware 4
 July 1996
 Certified Netware Engineer - Netware 3
 June 1995
 Certified Netware Administrator  - Netware 3
 Jan. 1993

I was also certified in 3Com routers back in 1997, but I have replaced all my 3Com routers with Cisco routers.

Certifications I am in the process of acquiring.
  • Microsoft MCSA   I am attending FCCJ's Network Support Program, will finish 2000 Server next month. 
  • Novell CNE 6   I have a lab server setup, just have to go over the new stuff and take the test.
  • IT Project +   Something new that Novell added to the MCNE recertification requirement.
  • Cisco CCNA   I attended the training class, now I just need to study and take the test.

My present employer is Reynolds, Smith and Hills where I am the network administrator.
When I started with RS&H we had six offices in Florida, with three connected by lease line.
I installed a frame relay wide area network in October of 1996. We have grown since
 then to fourteen offices in six states, all connected by fractional T1 lines.

Links to Some Technical Sites I like to visit.

Novell    Microsoft    Novell Support     Microsoft Technet     NTProfessional Org.    The Gadget Factory     Novell Fans

I plan on adding more links and pages as I have time, or as I find new things that interest me.

Life Outside of Work
Ozark Farm

This picture was taken in the spring, we were standing on the hill above the meadow on our farm in Arkansas. It is one of my favorite places to go and get away from it all. We camp down by our pond and the boys go fishing every morning. We can lay in the field at night and see millions of stars because the light from the nearest town is twenty miles away. Yes I hope to retire there someday.

Brevard-NC Van Falls

Our favorite place to vacation has got to be North Carolina.
Falls2 Glass Moore Sunset

Boy Scouts have been a big part of my life for the last 11 years. Our oldest son made Eagle Scout in 2000,
and I have enjoyed being a part of it all. Our second son started Cub Scouts this year, and our third son
is looking forward to Tiger Cubs next year.

jcr Work JR-Eagle

My son's Eagle Project was done in Jenning's State Forest in Clay County, Florida in April of 2000. He organized a trail
construction project that included Troop 650, forest rangers, and members of the community

For more information about Boy Scouts check out these links.

BSA National    Black Creek District    Troop 650

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